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Basic knowledge of electronic components and inductors
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Inductors are coils made of enameled wire or yarn covered wire, also called high-frequency chokes or choke coils.

The types of inductors include fixed inductors and adjustable magnetic core inductors. Fixed inductors are divided into air core inductors, iron core inductors and ferrite core inductors.

The inductance of an inductor is related to the number of turns, wire diameter, tightness, material, and material.

The unit of inductance is Henry.

Characteristics of inductors: Faraday's law and Lenz's law.

Faraday's law: The inductance coil will generate alternating current when cutting the magnetic field lines. When current flows through the inductor, a magnetic field is formed around it.

Lenz's law: When an instantaneous current flows through the inductor, the inductor will hinder the current.

The applications of inductors include DC constant current filtering, special obstruction to alternating current (passing low frequency and high frequency), generators, motors, electromagnets, relays, contactors, solenoid valves, induction cookers, reverse Transformers, argon arc welding machines, cutting machines, electric batons and scalpels, etc.

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