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Taiwan, here we are
L.Y.W L.Y.W 2015-06-05 54

With the continuous development and growth of Lingyu's micro-scale, the standardization of corporate culture and the gradual improvement of management, the company's humanized management system has been fully reflected.

To enrich the lives of employees and enhance the company The cohesion between the entire group is the starting point. The company organized the tour in the first half of 2015 according to the usual practice. According to work needs, the schedule is scheduled at the end of May 2015. This tour took place from May 30 to June 3, and the destination was Taiwan.

The company attaches great importance to this event, and has made detailed arrangements for the entire tourism event in advance, and dispatched relevant personnel to lead the team. The travel staff traveled across the island of Taiwan, arriving in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and other places successively. The fresh air, warm climate, azure blue water, and soft sandy beaches made people dizzying. Everyone visited famous scenic spots such as the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, night market, Alishan, and Sun Moon Lake. The girls from Taiwan, Treasure Island, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, and Alishan knew her for the first time. It was in elementary school textbooks, and it has been deeply imprinted in our minds ever since. Taiwan has always been the place we have longed for, and it has also carried a generation of people who have seen each other across the sea and missed each other for more than 60 years.

Through this trip to Taiwan, not only relieved the staff’s usual work pressure and tension, but also cultivated their sentiments, improved their self-cultivation, thus increased the cohesion of the company’s employees, and fully demonstrated our company The good mental outlook of the employees allows them to devote more enthusiasm to their future work.

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