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The security monitoring system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signals in its closed loop, and forms an independent and complete system from camera to image display and recording. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, vividly, and truthfully. It not only greatly extends the observation distance of the human eye, but also expands the function of the human eye. It can replace artificial long-term surveillance in harsh environments, allowing people to see Everything that actually happened to the monitored site was recorded by a video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment alarms the illegal intrusion, and the generated alarm signal is input to the alarm host, and the alarm host triggers the monitoring system to record and record.

In the security monitoring system, improve compression efficiency, improve robustness and error recovery capabilities, etc., as well as reduce real-time delay, reduce channel acquisition time and random access delay, and reduce complexity. It is an important link, the pursuit of high-definition imaging security monitoring, to ensure the ultimate video effect in the transmission and processing process.

How to choose high-quality electronic components used in security monitoring system products, such as chip capacitors, high-voltage chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, tantalum capacitors, precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors , Zener diodes, rectifier diodes, light-emitting diodes and other electronic components. It plays an important and decisive role in improving the performance parameters of security monitoring system products.

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