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9 highlights shine at the 2021 International AIoT Ecological Development Conference
L.Y.W L.Y.W 2021-05-17 27

McKinsey predicts that by 2025, the global AIoT market may be 10 times larger than in 2017, reaching a staggering 11.2 trillion US dollars. In the next three years, driven by the consumer and policy-driven application markets, the AIoT industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. In the long run, the industry-driven application market has huge potential and will become a long-term growth point.

In terms of the number of connections, according to IoT Analytics research, the number of global IoT connections in 2020 exceeds 11.7 billion, surpassing the number of non-IoT connections for the first time, and has maintained a compound annual growth rate of 30.8% in the past ten years, far exceeding The compound annual growth rate of 9.4% of the total number of connections. In the future, with the further improvement of digital infrastructure, the application of the industrial Internet market will show explosive growth, which will promote the sustained and rapid development of the AIoT industry.

In order to help the three important upstream and downstream companies of the AIoT industry, smart city, smart home, and smart energy, to better understand each other and have a high-end exchange and cooperation platform, Aspencore and Shenzhen's new generation of information and communication industry cluster co-sponsored [2021 International AIoT Ecological Development The conference] will be held on June 10, 2021 at the International Conference Center of Kexing Science Park, Keyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. We sincerely invite people of insight from upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to come and communicate. In order to facilitate participants to learn about the highlights of the conference in advance, the following 9 highlights are sorted out for reference.

The first highlight: DJI, Foxconn, Haikang, TCL, Luxshare Precision and other executives formed a luxury purchasing group

This conference will invite DJI, Foxconn, Huawei, ZTE, CLP Haikang Group, TCL Smart Home, Haier Kaos Chuangzhi Internet of Things, Luxshare Precision, Zhongnuo Communication, Great Wall Development, Great Wall Computer, Easy The executives of major terminal purchasers and the guests at the conference communicate and match up. Companies that need to be introduced or negotiated can apply to the organizing committee of this conference. We will try our best to coordinate in the middle. Sponsors of this conference are given priority. The contact person is Joshua Chen, wechat jakechenlu.

The second highlight: 10+ AI and IoT-related associations strongly support this conference

National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Energy Internet of Things Special Committee, China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance, Shenzhen 5G Industry Association/Alliance, Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Society, Shenzhen Computer Industry associations, Shenzhen Big Data Industry Development Promotion Association, Shenzhen Microwave Communication Application Industry Association, and Ningbo Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association will be the co-organizers of this conference to jointly promote cross-regional cooperation and exchanges in China's AIoT industry.

The third highlight: Executives from Microsoft, Intel, Infineon, Silicon Labs, NXP, ON Semiconductor, Signify, and Bluetooth Alliance visit

Microsoft Chief Technical Advisor Guan Zhen, Intel Vice President and General Manager of the Internet of Things Division China Chen Wei, Infineon, Silicon Labs China General Manager Zhou Wei, Amou China Product Manager Chai Weihua, NXP Product and Marketing Director Lin Ming , ON Semiconductor ASG China Marketing Manager Yan Jungang, Signify CSI Channel Office Industry Sales Manager Zhang Shuo, European Panthronics Greater China Sales Vice President Yan Gengzhen, Bluetooth Alliance executives will visit the venue to deliver keynote speeches, received Topics include: three topics that cannot be ignored in the evolution of smart cities, new thinking in the AIoT era, empowering intelligent IoT edge processing, smart and secure wireless connection technology solutions, healthy and smart lighting IoT applications, and NFC wireless charging where available Wearable device market application prospects and solutions, interconnected lighting based on PoE power supply and visible light communication, agenda topic updates, please follow the conference website at any time

The fourth highlight: Huawei, Tencent Cloud, Baidu, China Mobile Internet of Things, Discovery and other domestic first-class companies gave speeches on the same stage

Huawei Senior ICT Expert Zhang Yihui, Tencent Cloud Intelligent Terminal Leader Ma Yingkui, Baidu, China Mobile Internet of Things, Haier Kaosi Chuangzhi IoT, Deputy General Manager Cai Qijing, Boliu Intelligent Deputy General Manager Liu Zhanzhu, Chipsea Technology Health Measurement AIoT General Manager Guo Zhengyong, Lihe Microelectronics General Manager Liu Kun, Juyuan Microelectronics Chairman Han Xingcheng, Shanghai Dao Biotech Chairman He Hui, Shenzhen Discovery Technology Chairman Wang Xinchun and other domestic first-class system, cloud, chip companies on the same stage Delivered keynote speeches on topics including: co-creating a smart life with the Internet of Everything, AIoT chip system solutions in the smart scenario of the whole house, PLBUS power line bus to help the whole house smart, a new generation of LPWAN technology TurMass and its application in smart cities, industrial Internet Smart city solutions under the background.

Highlight 5: Roadshow of 7 emerging and high-growth IoT projects

Shanghai Panqi Microelectronics breaks the international monopoly of low-power wide area network chips and platforms. Shanghai Aris Intelligent Technology has recently successfully developed the first domestic single-chip integrated, aerospace-grade precision, miniaturized MEMS fluxgate sensor, Xiamen Zonghang Technology-developed world's first high-speed, low-power, narrow-band wide area network protocol ZETA that supports distributed networking, Wi-Fi RF front-end chip developed by Tianjin Xinlingtong, 5G high-performance bearer switching chip developed by ZTE Microelectronics, Shenzhen Yunchuan Zhilian The world’s lowest power consumption passive piezoelectric film sensor developed by Lihe Microelectronics has reached the international leading level of the narrowband OFDA power line carrier communication chip. These 7 high-growth emerging projects will be roadshowed at this conference. Investment is welcome. Friends from businessmen and engineers actively participated in the exchange.

The sixth highlight: Well-known investors such as Fortune, Tongchuang, Lihe, Walden, and Sequoia gather

This conference will invite Ren Junzhao, founder of Fortune Venture Capital, Zhang Wenjun, general manager of Tongchuangweiye, Tang Lixin, general manager of Lihe Technology, Huang Qing, general manager of Walden International, Liu Hui, vice president of Sequoia Capital, and founder of Guojin Investment Famous investors such as Lin Jiaxi, Zhu Wei, General Manager of Oriental Huifu Investment, Ling Yangbin, General Manager of Galaxy Financial Investment, Zhang Baofeng, Senior Investment Director of Huawei, Head of CLP Haikang Venture Capital Fund, Head of Guangdong Guangmin Innovation and Venture Capital, etc. attended the roadshow project For review, more companies with good projects are welcome to contact the organizing committee of this conference for coordination and contact.

The seventh highlight: Huawei, China Southern Network, BOE Smart Energy, Easystar, and Realtek launch their efforts in the energy Internet market

This conference will also work with the National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Energy Internet of Things Special Committee and China Southern Power Grid to promote the rise and cooperation of the energy Internet market. Li Xun, Deputy General Manager of the Electric Technology R&D Department of China Southern Power Grid, Zhang Yihui, a senior ICT expert from Huawei, Jiang Yu, CTO of BOE Smart Energy Division, Professor He Simo, founder of Dongguan Yishite, Sun Zaiqiang, Director of Market and Products of Realtek Semiconductor, Master Dajia (Shenzhen) Song Jie, CEO of Co., Ltd., will deliver a keynote speech at the scene. Topics include: China Southern Power Grid Electric Smart Energy Network Construction and Thinking, Smart Energy Operating System Empowering Low-Carbon Integrated Energy Management, Smart Power Conversion into New Outlets, and "Big Hippo" Empowerment Industry development, remote management solutions for shared battery car batteries, smart charging pile market operation pain points and solutions, etc.

The eighth highlight: smart classrooms, smart communities, and smart health care integrators sharing and docking on-site

This conference will invite Shenzhen Ruibohua Intelligent Technology Chairman Li Haichun, Shenzhen Yilian Intelligent General Manager Li Xueyong, Shenzhen Wanglong Intelligent Technology Supply Chain Center Director Zhou Jihui, Guangdong Zhiduo Intelligent Technology Partner Luo Nengyun, Shenzhen Yunchuan Zhilian Director Chang Duan Lixin and other smart classrooms, smart communities, and smart health care integrators attended the conference. Ruibohua Smart Technology has developed a complete smart campus, smart classroom, and smart health care solutions. Wanglong Intelligent is the headquarters of Huawei, Integrators and suppliers of well-known smart communities such as Country Garden Headquarters Building, Shenzhen Bay One, Shanghai Tomson One, and the two bosses will give keynote speeches respectively on topics: smart health care and overall campus solutions, creating space man-machines Solutions for non-inductive traffic.

The 9th highlight: A large number of heavyweight industry leaders have signed up for the conference, welcome to make an appointment for docking

Speakers and industry leaders who have signed up for the conference include: Li Lixin, general manager of the Science and Technology Industry Department of CLP Haikang Group, Bi Yalei, Director of the Enterprise Development Division of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Yihui, a senior ICT expert from Huawei, and Intel vice president and Chen Wei, General Manager of the China Region of the Internet of Things Business Unit, Guan Zhen, Microsoft Chief Technical Advisor, Ma Yingkui, Head of Tencent Cloud Intelligent Terminals, Lin Ming, NXP Product and Marketing Director, Liu Zhengyi, Deputy General Manager of Boliu Intelligence, General Manager of Lihe Microelectronics Kun Liu, Han Xingcheng, Chairman of Juyuan Microelectronics, He Hui, Chairman of Shanghai Dao Biotech, Liu Ruiheng, Vice President of Wuhan Tuobao Technology, Shi Dong, Chairman of Hong Kong Baxter Electronics, Zhang Aifang, General Manager of Wuhan Nanrui Group Integrated Energy Technology Development Center , Li Xun, deputy general manager of the electric technology research and development department of China Southern Power Grid, Professor He Simo, the founder of Dongguan Yishite, Li Haichun, chairman of Shenzhen Ruibohua Smart Technology, Liu Zhongding, chairman of Shenzhen Huaguan Optoelectronics, Bu Haifeng, general manager of TCL Smart Home, Xi'an Ya Chengwei Electronics Chairman Yu Yuanqiang and General Manager Jia Cunyu, Shanghai Shenghao Technology Chairman Jin Lifeng, Shanghai Aris Intelligent Technology Chairman Chen Qiang, Ningbo Keman Electronics Chairman Zhu Zhentian, Shenzhen Daxinlang Electronics Chairman Mu Qichun, BOE Jiang Yu, CTO of Smart Energy Business Unit, Zhou Guoming, President of Shenzhen 5G Industry Association, Song Jie, CEO of Master Daojia Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Zhou Jihui, Director of Shenzhen Wanglong Intelligent Technology Supply Chain Center, Huang Zhongping, General Manager of Huaxin Kunpeng, Assistant Dean of Konka Research Institute Wu Limin, and Yu Jianjun, Vice President of Procurement of Shenzhen Zhongnuo Communication, etc.
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