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Ling Yuwei 2016 year-end summary meeting and 2017 new year annual meeting was held
L.Y.W L.Y.W 2017-02-21 55

Farewell and joyous song to leave the old year and celebrate the new year. On the afternoon of January 4, 2017, Shenzhen Lingyu Micro Technology Co., Ltd. "2016 Year-end Summary and 2017 New Year's Annual Meeting" was grandly held in Longhua Haihuang Ting Restaurant Banquet Zone 2. The general manager of the company, Mr. Chen Xiaomin, together with the heads of the company's various departments and their families, all employees and suppliers, about 120 people gathered together for a party. The general manager of Ling Yuwei, Mr. Chen, gave an exciting speech. The annual meeting kicked off with Mr. Chen’s enthusiastic New Year’s message. He said: “In the past year, with the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the company’s business has maintained sustained and steady development. , And achieved good results. These achievements belong to every Ling Yuwei person. Ling Yuwei’s future will be more brilliant, because "you are the root of everything".

The major commendations The most beautiful Lingyu Weiren

Ling Yuwei’s brilliant achievements in the past year are inseparable from the hard work of all Lingyu Weiren. At this annual meeting, awards including outstanding employees and long-term service have been awarded. Ling Yuwei, who has outstanding work and long-term service in the company, was commended, and outstanding employee representatives also gave speeches on the award, shared work experience and successful experience with everyone, and was full of hope for new goals in the coming year.

Wonderful show show Ling Yu Breeze 

We, Ling Yuwei not only performed outstandingly in work, but also demonstrated professional performance in talent display. Under the leadership of the affectionate "Zebra and Zebra", the scene was warm Inspirational, a beautiful song full of true feelings, and a humorous and humorous wonderful sketches, all aroused the colleagues present to laugh and cheer from time to time..., Ling Yuwei added the annual meeting performance award this year. , The actors on the stage showed their talents, and the venue was peaceful. The whole annual meeting was full of cheers and laughter, passion and power...

The awards continue to have surprises

The lottery has always been a highly anticipated retention item in the annual meeting. In order to allow the employees participating in the meeting to return with a full load, the annual meeting In addition to a gift for each person, the company has also prepared 7 awards and 35 cash prizes. With the surprise and warm gifts given out, the annual meeting will come to an end...

The whole annual meeting is harmonious, warm, The curtain came to a successful conclusion in a passionate and joyous atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of the employees. Looking back on 2016, we work together, work hard, and harvest together; looking forward to 2017, we have the same goal and full of confidence, and we look forward to Ling Yuwei's future will be more brilliant.

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