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Smart wearable (also known as wearable device) is the general term for the application of wearable technology to intelligently design daily wearables and develop wearable devices. With the development of technology, wearable devices have gradually entered the public Sight. In addition to smart glasses, the current types of wearable devices are gradually enriched, including smart watches, smart clothing, etc., and penetrate into many fields such as fitness, medical care, entertainment, security, and finance.

Smart glasses, smart watches (Smart Watch) business opportunity application momentum is rising rapidly, smart wearable products have undoubtedly become one of the most popular electronic products, using wearable devices, we can make Our lives are smarter and communication is more convenient. At the same time, wearable technology has greatly promoted the intelligentization of human life, especially the development of mobile health and mobile medical technology.

The application field of smart wear can be divided into two categories, namely, self-quantification and in vitro evolution. In the field of self-quantification, the two most common applications are subdivided fields. The first is in the field of sports and fitness outdoor. Lightweight watches, bracelets, and accessories are the main forms to achieve sports or outdoor data such as heart rate, cadence, Monitoring, analysis and service of air pressure, diving depth, altitude and other indicators. The other is in the field of medical care, which provides specialized solutions for the detection and processing of blood pressure, heart rate and other medical signs, in various forms, including medical vests, belts, and implantable chips. In the field of in vitro evolution, wearable smart devices can assist users in improving their information perception and processing capabilities. Their application fields are extremely broad. From leisure and entertainment, information exchanges to industry applications, users can use diverse sensing and processing capabilities. , Connect and display smart wearable functions to enhance or innovate their own skills.

So how to choose high-quality electronic components for smart wear applications, such as chip capacitors, high-voltage chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, tantalum capacitors, precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors, stable Voltage diodes, rectifier diodes, light-emitting diodes and other electronic components.

Smart Wear

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