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Digital products generally refer to MP3, U disk, smart phones, digital cameras/camcorders/scanners and other machines that can be operated by numbers and codes and can be connected to computers. For digital cameras, in addition to the lens and photoreceptor, the image processor is also very important. The photosensitive element is the core of the digital camera and the most critical technology. There are two core imaging components of digital cameras: one is the widely used CCD (charge coupled) device; the other is the CMOS (complementary metal oxide conductor) device. Each pixel in a traditional CCD is composed of a diode, a control signal path, and a power transmission path. SUPERCCD uses a honeycomb-shaped octagonal diode, the original control signal path is cancelled, only one direction of power transmission path is needed, and the photosensitive diode has more space.  With the continuous progress of semiconductor technology, many novel and fashionable portable electronic products are presented to the world. These portable products put forward higher requirements for electronic components, requiring micro power consumption, high reliability, and miniaturization.

How to choose electronic components used in high-quality digital products, such as chip capacitors, high-voltage chip capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, tantalum capacitors, precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors, voltage regulators Electronic components such as diodes, triodes, MOS tubes, etc. It plays an important and decisive role in improving the performance parameters of digital products.

digital products

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