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Ling Yuwei organizes employees to travel to Yunnan
L.Y.W L.Y.W 2017-04-21 36

Thousands of miles of famous tourists come, cheers are crisp, laughter flies. In April this year, the company organized its employees to travel to Yunnan in two batches to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the southern part of the colorful clouds.

For many years, Ling Yuwei has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, advocated the concept of "happy work, happy life", incorporated the happiness index of employees into the company development plan outline, and provided employees with a rich spiritual and cultural feast . Since the establishment of the company

, it has provided two paid travel leave for the company’s regular employees every year. Recently, the company organizes employees to travel to Yunnan, which relaxes employees' body and mind, promotes communication and exchanges between employees, and enhances corporate cohesion.

In the early spring of Yunnan, the drizzle rains and the spring is strong, and the drizzle casts a mysterious veil on the south of the colorful clouds, which inspires our expectation and yearning for the beauty of Yunnan. Strolling in the ancient city of Lijiang with a history of more than 800 years, following the water of the Yuquan River through the streets and alleys, the rough and simple white walls and blue wooden eaves of the ancient city come into view one by one, which is moving and shocking.

Drive to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain known as the "Natural Glacier Museum" and watch the world's highest live performance theater at an altitude of 3,100 meters [Large-scale singing and dancing performance directed by Zhang Yimou-"Impression Lijiang" Snow Mountain Chapter ], "The snowy peaks in the clouds are bright and the hills under the clouds are green". From the plateau pasture at an altitude of 3,500 meters, the snowy mountains are viewed from a distance. Against the backdrop of the blue sky, this sacred mountain turns into a silver jade dragon flying and hovering, graceful and graceful.

Shangri-La, the place closest to paradise, means the sun and moon in the heart. It is a rare, perfectly preserved pure land of natural ecology and national traditional culture, snow-capped mountains, canyons, mountain lakes, and primitive The forest, the national customs are integrated, the magical, steep and quiet, it is the Garden of Eden that people have been searching for for nearly half a century. It can be described as heaven and earth, beautiful! Everyone in groups, holding hands, strolling among the secluded mountains and forests, beautiful flowers, exotic trees, snowy sea, little squirrels and other beautiful scenery, making people dizzy and linger. Walking into Shangri-La, feeling the scenery along the way, being washed by nature, breathing in the purest air, listening to the sounds of nature, it is simply amazing.

In this trip to Yunnan, everyone cared for and helped each other and felt like brothers and sisters. While visiting the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, they were happy both physically and mentally, which inspired the employees' enthusiasm for loving nature, loving the motherland, loving the company, and loving life. Employees' cognition of the concept of "love work, love life".

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